My Name is Ash: The Kitten Year, Part 1

Hi! My name is Ash.

I was born in a barn, the runt of the litter. My cat mother moved all of my brothers an sisters when I was about a week old. She never came back for me. The son of the man who owned the barn asked his mother if she would take me in. The son named me Ash because he thought I looked like I was covered in the ashes from a campfire.

The son and his brother had just started college, so the mother was feeling a bit lost. She had been raising children for the past 18 years, but suddenly they were far away. I did my best to make her less lonely. She said I came along at just the right time in her life. Sometimes, when she missed them the most, she would sleep in their old bedrooms. I’d climb up on the bed and purr next to her ear to let her know how much I cared.

For the first few weeks, the mother had to bottle-feed me because I was far too young to eat solid food. I was so tiny that she kept me in the pocket of her sweater. She worked at an elementary school as a pre-K program manager. It wasn’t long before the little kids knew where I hid. They made all kinds of excuses for why they needed to go to see “Miss Bev” in her office, but they were really trying to come see me!

When I no longer needed around-the-clock feeding, I became a part of the classrooms. I loved playing with the children. They took turns feeding me and giving me fresh water. Once, I brought the children a mouse I’d found under one of the portable classrooms. The children squealed in delight when I dropped the mouse and let it run around the classroom. The teachers were really excited about it too!

At the end of the school year, the children graduated to Kindergarten and there was a small ceremony. Lots of the parents came to watch. I sat on a counter and beamed with pride as each of the children accepted their Pre-K completion certificate. The children had done a wonderful job all year, and they had worked hard to learn their 123s and ABCs. They learned to write their own names and my name too!

To be continued…




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