Hi! My name is Ash.

If you’ve landed here because you found me and are trying to find my home, please keep reading. If you’ve stumbled upon this site and would like to follow my story, my cattobiography as it were, as my human mother posts it chapter by chapter, visit the My Name is Ash page.

You kept reading! Did you find me? Did you take me to “save” me? Did you find me injured? This is what I want you to know:

Several of our neighbors have tried to take me in the past few years. Others have tried to feed me because they believe I’m too skinny. I understand this desire to save a poor kitty you think is being neglected, especially since I’m such a tiny skinny cat and I love to sit outside even on the hottest day. I’m sure you think my human mother makes me stay outside all day and never feeds me, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If she did not love me so much, and want to spoil me rotten by allowing me to do whatever I feel like doing, she would keep me inside for my own safety.

Here are the facts:

  • If I were human, I would be in my 90s. That’s really old!
  • I have never weighed more than 8 pounds, even in winter. I’m naturally tiny.
  • I have my own door into our house. I can go inside any time I want. The warm cement feels good on my old bones.
  • I have access to fresh food and water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • I am under the care of Dr. Sunbury and his associates at Sunbury Veterinary Clinic, www.sunburyvet.com, and have my tags.
  • Dr. Sunbury has always said I am the right weight for my size. He says most American cats are FAT!
  • I am currently recovering from an injury to my right front leg (8/27/19). I am off the pain medication, but still moving slowly. Please be very gentle with me if you try to pick me up.
  • I don’t eat much when the summers are hottest. I’ll fatten up a bit in the winter.
  • My kidneys are failing. I need lots of water. When it is hot, I lose weight because my tummy is always full of water. I’ve lost 12 ounces this summer. It’s been a hot one.
  • I have a special diet. If you are not bringing me back, take me to my vet so he can help you feed me correctly for kidney failure, but please bring me back.
  • Someone recently tried to catch me. My knee was injured as I made my escape. I take pain medication when needed and should be given glucosamine supplements daily.
  • I am not abused. My human mother and her brother often open several different flavors of cat food every day, just trying to get me to eat enough of one of them so they will worry about me less. They end up throwing away a lot of food because I don’t feel like eating. They even try to tempt me with human food. I eat a few bites sometimes just to make them feel better. They do their best.
  • I’ll eat more when it cools down. I’m also really old. Old people don’t eat much. My human mother wants me to live as long as she does, but that probably won’t happen.
  • My human mother has cancer, again, and she says I am a great comfort to her as she goes through yet another dozen rounds of chemo. She would really appreciate it if you would bring me home, or at least let her know what happened to me. She really and truly loves me, and I love her. Please let us live out our lives together as long as possible. Thank you!